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Evidential Mediumship

As an evidential medium, during a session I strive to bring evidence of the continuation of life beyond this world. Intention is important, setting a space and intention to bring healing and uplift the sitter. A reading should never be an uncomfortable or scary experience. 


Photo by Saffu on Unsplash


Malia Clare

Thanks for visiting my site! A little bit about me... I live on Long Island, NY where I've lived my whole life. I'm a mom, a fine artist and an animal lover.  I've always had a connection to the spirit world, having had experiences from a very young age, although I didn't understand until my teens what was happening and that I was different from other kids. I started clearly sensing spirit at about 19 years old but had been too busy having a graphic design career and raising kids to explore using this gift. For the last few years that has changed and I have developed under the tutelage of Arthur Findlay trained mentors and the spirit world has been opening up to me generously. I learn and develop more each day and have been able to incorporate my artistic talent into the readings to help serve the spirit world. It has been a tremendous blessing in my life and I am grateful.


During a half hour session, I will connect to your loved ones on the other side and bring evidence and messages of the continuation of life. It may be one or several communicators that come through, depending on your loved ones. Most readings done on zoom.


A spirit art reading is an evidential mediumship reading that also includes a drawing that is channeled during the reading. It is often of the spirit communicator but can also be someone connected to them. This is done without any prior knowledge of who they are or what they look like. Photo evidence appreciated afterwards.


This is a psychic reading done with art. It can be done using any media using color, imagery, pattern, symbols, numerology and more. The drawing and the reading happen together and you keep the original art afterward to remember your reading.

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