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Malia Clare

I'm just an ordinary suburban mom from Long Island in New York, who happens to be aware of spirit. This is something I have known since my teenage years, but waited until my kids were grown to start using it to help others. I've been blessed with great mentors and peers who continue to help me grow and develop to be the best channel I can be. As a lifelong artist, I have been able to combine my skills with drawing and painting with my connection to spirit and the universe to be able to offer some services that include original artwork. I am continually amazed by the synchronicities and magic all around us and doing this work allows me to share it with you. When not serving spirit, painting or working - I can be found with my 2 rescue cats and a slightly whacky rescue dog plus an exuberant chihuahua named Iggy. If you are interested in seeing my fine art, follow these links to see what other work I'm up to: abstract art painting and constructions and pet portraits.

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