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An evidential reading is where I will connect to your loved ones on the other side. I will bring through evidence and messages for healing and comfort to you. A psychic reading is a connection to you and what is going on in your life. You can have a mediumship or psychic or mixture of both for your reading. 30 minutes $60

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A spirit art reading is an evidential reading, but with the addition of a drawing while I bring through evidence. It is usually a drawing of who is communicating or someone connected to them.* It is drawn with no prior knowledge of the person depicted. Photo evidence comes afterwards.
*Likeness is not guaranteed. 30-45 minutes $100

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An auragraph is a type of psychic reading that is delivered with a drawing. It can connect with your energy to read into your past/present/possible future as well as connect to your guides for inspired guidance. These are always a lot of fun to create and receive. 45 minutes. $100

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With your permission, at your request I can create a portrait of your spirit guide. I believe we all have many guides who take on different roles throughout our lives. I will connect and bring through whatever guide energy is coming in strongest for you at the time to help you visualize and build a stronger relationship with them. $100 (sketch) ask about painting.

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This is a soul to soul connection to see where there may be blocks or stuck patterns you may need a fresh look at. A soul reading will look back to look for a way forward with more clarity and direction. For a light worker, healer, psychic or another medium, it can give a look into progress and potential in your development. These should leave the sitter uplifted and with a fresh outlook. 30 minutes. $75

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A soul painting starts with a 30 minute reading where I feel into your energy psychically and work with my spirit guides and yours to feel into your souls essence to create a portrait that symbolically represents who you are, your strengths and direction that you come into this life with. After the live reading, I go into my studio and create a finished oil portrait that is a likeness but also symbolic of the different elements I pick up on of who you are at your core, your best potential. See sample.

Finished 9x12 oil painting on board $325

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